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Or have to remember the Japanese words and phrases you had discovered long time ago? Again, this is highly romantic, and thus highly creepy if misused. Japanese people tend to not go that far into their expression of love. I am looking for a term to fill a lexical gap.

More a cultural than a grammatical problem is the problem of addressing somebody. More casual ones are included down below. Cuter when used with -chan. The most basic honorific, about equivalent to Mister or Miss no distiction between the two in Japanese.

More than a friend? Seems that last part isn't true; see comments. Sometimes people will also call themselves by their own name. Even though there exist a multitude of words with the meaning "you", it is generally avoided to address somebody directly.

Great line for any girl.

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I recommend them as a teacher and a learner. Very warm love phrase.

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Might be a good line for during a breakup. Now this is a compliment! From getting around on public transport to purchasing dinner in a local restaurant in Japan or just about any region where they speak the Japanese Language, understand vital Japanese words and phrases here to make your visit simpler.

I think one of the problems that is common in all the answers and discussion so far is that most of them are focused on the results, not the process. It originally came from Japan howeverspoken in numerous countries throughout the world.