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Flirtopia phobia of clowns, what causes coulrophobia?

This is heightened when we observe the "happy" clown performing some aggressive behavior - it becomes too much to take - creating intense confusion and fear.

It was what they were paid for, as a form of entertainment. A CBT therapist may also use hypnotherapy to understand the hidden thoughts and images related with the fear. They are all individuals!

Then, the person is guided through healthy discussions related with the fear and let out all the inner thoughts. This explains why the fear of spiders, snakes, and moths are quite common - it's very easy to imagine these creatures moving quickly towards you or moving erratically around you.

In fact, VERY many. Many people have reported that Ronald McDonald is creepy rather than entertaining. What phobia is the phobia of elevators?

Coulrophobia : Phobia of Clowns.

He was later arrested in for murdering two of his homosexual partners. How Do You Treat Coulrophobia As with all phobias, caulrophobia, with the help of a mental health expert one can slowly be exposed to clowns. Some people are even afraid of people who are professional clowns, but are not in costume, just because they play one.

If they're going to therapy to help with their fear, let them and their therapist deal with the fear, not you. I've read that up to 1 in every 7 people have it to some degree, though the exact number is very hard to pin down.

Because clowns have permanent, exaggerated expressions painted on their faces - usually of joy but not always, it renders the observer impotent in measuring facial expression as a precursor of action and for those who are vigilant about their environment, possibly because of past traumatic events, they are unable to interpret and therefore predict what this creature may do to them.

Mostly, children are more vulnerable to be traumatized by the appearance of a clown due to unfamiliar appearance. Clown laughs can sound very strange, even frightening.