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A year later his magnum opus appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Mammalian Fossils in the Argentine Republic, comprising pages and an atlas.

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An unforgettable excursion in a place that should not be missed while visiting Trelew. This was an important contribution to the known catalog of extinct mammals, and would, along with the Ameghino collection, be consulted by scientists from America and Europe in subsequent years.

Discovering the Florentino Ameghino Dam

Ameghino was a leading pioneer in the development of phylogenetics and of the paleontological approach of evolutionary biology. Morenofounder and director of the La Plata Museumas deputy director, secretary, and director of the Paleontology Department upon its establishment in Several Argentine cities are named Florentino Ameghino as well as various educational institutions across the country, libraries and museums, squares, schools, parks and other locations.

The rocky walls boast an incredible reddish tone The Chubut River Hydroelectric Deployment River flood control Very early in the morning, our guide picked us up at our hotel. As we got off the van, our eyes enjoyed the same colorful present: He also investigated the possible presence of prehistoric man in the Pampas and made several controversial claims about human origins in South America.

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Ameghino enriched his department with his own collection, which he sold to the provincial government for the purpose. A camping site area invites visitors to spend the night and enjoy some of the attractions offered by the dam, namely: We traveled on a van specially conditioned for this kind of tour in the company of other tourists.

Its tusks and trunk evolved separately from the elephants — the species belonged to the xenungulata within the meridiungulata. From the highest point, we could take the best photographs of the reservoir and the village to treasure a memory of our pleasant ride along its streets.

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At noon, we had some delicious empanadas for lunch and after a relaxed talk, including guitar playing, we headed for the famous dam wall, which represented the best dessert we could have.

Domingo Faustino Sarmientopresident of Argentina —, described Ameghino as "a countryman from Mercedes that nobody knows of here, but that is admired by scholars worldwide. We took Route 3 and crossed the entire City of Trelew.

He formed one of the largest collections of fossils of the world at the time, which served him as base for numerous geological and paleontological studies. He died from the symptoms of diabetes in La Plata in

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