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Marconi notably partnered Antonio Cotognian illustrious baritone and voice teacher from an earlier generation, in the only record that is known to have been made by Cotogni, the duet I Mulattieri.

The promising quality of his voice came to the attention of a singing teacher, Ottavio Bartolini, who gave him his first lessons.

Francesco Marconi

They were especially struck by the Russian women with their eagerness for elegance, beauty and practicality. Before and after The Tonelli brothers visited Moscow and were amazed by the beauty of Russian culture, art, and architecture.

He failed, however, to achieve a real success on this particular occasion because his lyric voice was not equal to the heavyweight dramatic demands of Otello 's score, which had been written by Verdi to suit the more powerful tones of his stentorian rival Tamagno.

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His debut was a success, and he was soon appearing regularly at Italy's premier opera house, La ScalaMilanwith lucrative summer seasons spent performing in South America, mainly at Buenos Aires. Success story It is almost impossible for a brand to gain consumer confidence in the market in the very beginning.

It is their investment in technology as well as the qualified specialists they work with that have helped the Tonelli brothers to create their brand for the world fashion market. Inthe English firm Symposium Records issued a compact disc containing 22 of Marconi's recordings, including the duet with Cotogni.

The biggest challenge of the moment is to combine all these languages to increase understanding. Indeed, near the end of his career, he toured widely in the Requiem, performing as part of a regular quartet of singers which contained one other top-class artist, Francesco Navariniwho was considered to be the best Italian bass of the era.

Here in a small workshop three brothers, Francesco, Nazzareno and Abramo Tonelli, used their superb craftsmanship, creativity, and knowledge to create a factory that honors their parents. Marconi's repertoire did not consist entirely of operas, however. La Gioconda Ponchielliwith piano. Due to their hard work, artistic skills and dedication the Tonelli brothers manufacture handbags and leather accessories which are popular among fashionistas in Europe, America, Asia and Russia as well.