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Various computer versions of Freecell occasionally deal unsolvable games. Bill extended the search through some of the FreeCell Pro deals: Paul Alfille described this early FreeCell environment in more detail in an interview from His solver does not reach a conclusion with or You can then move the 10 down from its FreeCell to pack onto the J followed by the 9the 8 and finally the 7effectively transferring the entire packed column over while keeping to the FreeCell rules that state you can only move one card at a time.

But we don't have an easy way to distinguish between, for example, the difficulty of deals like or with run-of-the-mill four-freecell deals.

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It is simple to use this to set up FreeCell or Baker's Game with any number of freecells up to 8, and with variable column widths. FreeCell Pro and a number of other programs for various platforms can produce the same set of 32, deals as in Microsoft FreeCell and the same million as in Windows XP.

Baker's Game, as it is now called, differs from Eight Off in having only four depots instead of eight -- the four extra cards are dealt to the first four columns. This has the happy effect of making nearly every deal winnable, though many are still quite difficult.

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Are those deals random or were they selected in some way? I have also had questions from people who don't understand the rules well enough to know why they have or haven't lost.

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