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Moroi don't kill to take it, however. Believe me, I know. Mine could mean anything, but I knew now that it would only bring death. And finally, many thanks to Jessica Rothenberg and Ben Schrank at Razorbill for their continued support and hard work.

Without you this series would not have lifted off, and you have given Frostbite a chance to be seen yet again by so many readers. The safety of our participants is our highest priority. A character smokes clove cigarettes. Instead, they keep humans around who willingly donate small amounts.

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Foretellings are a type of prophecy intended to lead the people of Paegeia to their destinies, but the Viden gives them in a messed up way, in the form of a riddle. After you pick up your bib, keep it and wear it for the rest of the series.

The novel opens with Cheyenne "Chey" Clarke parachuting into the wilds of Alberta, provisioned with extensive hiking supplies, most of which are immediately lost. Last, but not the least, a big thanks to my fans.