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Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The narrator doesn't say anything that seems out-of-place. He makes you feel like you are there. I have seen others criticize this film for the voice over, but I felt that it was used sparingly, and was helpful, not overdone.

Boot camp recruits stage a "blanket party" in the middle of the night, an act in which they pin down a soldier in his bunk, cover his face, then hit him repeatedly in the chest and arms with a bar of soap wrapped in a blanket.

In and of itself the second half would normally be regarded well, but it doesn't have the visceral power that the first does. It gives the last touch to all this irrationality and I'm positive that was also Kubrick's intention. Then you have Hartman excellent portrayal by Gunny Ermy who has the heartless job of making killers out of these young men.

This IS how you have to look at this film, incidentally; trying to break it down into two or three parts and say which was better is missing the point of the film, I think. While talking of upcoming stories in the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, the editor discusses how the actress Ann Margaret will be making an appearance, and tells the photographer to find a way to take a picture of her "fur and early morning dew.

It is easy to identify with being picked on because we all have in some way. When the young sniper is shot is when a part of humanity returns to Joker and we are left to guess at what follows.

This sends Leonard into a psychotic break and for a while, Hartman begins to show interest in Leonard due to his progress.