FUNZIONAMENTO : definition of FUNZIONAMENTO and synonyms of FUNZIONAMENTO (Italian) FUNZIONAMENTO : definition of FUNZIONAMENTO and synonyms of FUNZIONAMENTO (Italian)

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Requisito relativo al funzionamento del sistema di rilevazione basato su circuiti a induzione loop. Smooth operation of the system requires a real Constitutional Court Tuttavia, tale cambiamento non altera i principi fondamentali relativi al funzionamento del sistema. However, this change does not alter the fundamental operation of the scheme.

Requirement related to the functioning of loop detection system. National focal points are an essential element of the functioning of the monitoring system.

Translation of "funzionamento del sistema" in English

The OBD system shall be checked for proper functioning. The railway operating to a planned timetable service. Un qualsiasi componente danneggiato, modificato o deteriorato in modo tale da compromettere il funzionamento del sistema Any component damaged, modified or deteriorated in a way that would adversely affect the functioning of the system.

Qualification of judges is essential for the functioning of the patent litigation system. It is however desirable to ensure continuity in the operation of the scheme beyond 31 December until such time as the next Regulation is adopted and applies.

Third, important efforts are underway to strengthen the functioning of the International Monetary System. Il funzionamento del sistema ferroviario secondo l'orario pianificato.