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What was it like to audition for J. Do you think you want to go to college? Was it hard not to slip into current-day mannerisms or vernacular? Um, in the first season he was kind of dismissive.

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I was one of the main writers of the film inside the film—I mean, whoever I was talking with in the scene, we wrote the script. But everything else was pretty much there. They were cast a long time before I was, so when I walked into the audition and they were all in there, they all already had their inside jokes and everything that I was kind of left on the outside of for a while.

Actually, we were deathly afraid of dolls. Did you make home videos? So just to talk about your future a little bit, are you sure that acting is what you want to do forever? So he meets a couple of interesting people.

We caught up with Basso this week to discuss working with J. And I put the doll on a table, and it must have fallen off or something, because when we went back to film it, it was gone.

It was actually pretty freaky!