Don't Date Geek Girls Don't Date Geek Girls

Geeky guys dating girls, most helpful guy

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Formica of Psychology Today. So here are some tips from my experience on meeting guys and finding Mr.

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Stevie "Killcreek" Case comparisons can never be wrong. Sign up now and find your perfect geek guy or girl to make your life complete. Letting our interactions with guys and personal preferences guide our relationships instead of the pressures of dating a certain type will give us the best chance to establish a successful and lasting relationship.

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I dated a guy who looked incredibly dorky in his golf outfits, but I still loved seeing him get ready for golf. First there are the tall, buff, popular guys often sporting their football warm-ups with perfectly messy locks, flashing their toothpaste commercial-worthy smiles.

Just don't ask for her number, or her info, or anything beyond her name.

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Relationship expert, psychologist and Ph. Having interesting passions and unique hobbies — even geeky ones — makes you super attractive.

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If you're working alongside other passionate geeks you've got more of an excuse to talk to them and get to know them. Making you either dump her or go back to talking about the same tv show all over again. They only want to talk about what they love.

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Jamie, a junior at Hobart William Smith, has learned from personal experience: