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Where the fuck is the Gohan who humiliated Cell?

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You're already one step closer to finding your Soulmate! Being one with all metal and possessing the power to reshape and liquefy any metal around him, Rilldo has absolute control over the whole machine planet of M-2, effectively making him one with the planet itself.

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Biography Background General Rilldo was created by Dr. Used while possessed by Baby. Goku meanwhile is amazed too saying that he Rilldo is even more powerful than Buu. Metal Mending — Rilldo is capable of absorbing metal into himself to regenerate.

Later, while the trio try to leave the planet M-2, Rilldo stops them by grabbing hold of the Grand Tour Spaceship.

General rildo

Mystic Attack — General Rilldo has the ability to extend his arms. Named Dragon Ball Heroes. It was unclear until DBS.