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Goldman equation

Tonic or random synaptic input with defined characteristics can impinge on any neuron. It explicitly calculates the Nernst and Goldman equations for a range of ionic parameters. The downloadable versions of the simulator are stand-alone programs that have no additional plug-in requirements.

Please note that the unit of temperature used in the Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz equation is the Kelvin. Synapses can be defined with Hebbian properties, where the strength of the connection is augmented when pre- and post-synaptic neurons are co-active, as in long-term potentiation LTP.

If the membrane potential Vm is exactly at the equilibrium potential Veq. If the option won't ever be exercised early, its price can be calculated like a European-style option.

The user "builds" the axon by setting its membrane characteristics and diameter. Let's look at an option on Vodafone. The simulator is still in development as of MonthAsString DatePart "m", Now DatePart "yyyy", Now —additional documentation, features, and functionality are yet to come so check back for updates.

Lets explore cointegration some more: This allows students to explore the relationship between ionic concentrations and equilibrium potentials, and relative ionic permeability and the membrane potential.

If this were the case, the membrane potential could be predicted by the equilibrium potential VEq. The premise of statistical arbitrage, stat arb for short, is that there is a statistical mispricing between a set of securities which we look to exploit.