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Still, Umi is cute enough to get my attention and be my favorite not just because of her looks.

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The Bald Eagle is one of the few easily recognizable ones. Also Nova, who is born from Hikaru's own despair and sadness Most major review publications aren't even aware Magic Knight Rayearth started out as a manga and the game is significant as the last U.

She erased her brother's memories on his request and fell hopelessly in love with Zagato, prompting her to summon the Magic Knights to kill her and Zagato to kidnap her.

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I still have to finish watching it. They quickly conclude that the dangers are illusory, which Hikaru proves by allowing a large tree to fall on her unscathed.

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Say what you will in regards to the plot holes surrounding her appearance, but her inadequacies in regards to her dead yet still beloved older sister as well as her feelings for Clef are very powerful Woobie material.

Then they all freak out because he has a tiny bit of blood on his hand—even Fuu completely overlooks the unconscious person with unknown injuries in favor of something that looks little worse than a cat scratch.

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Aska wants to be beautiful. Heck, during one of the early episodes, Fuu comments on how their adventure is like being inside a RPG game.

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This series was created in Japan, where gender roles are tighter than in the West, and where a woman was likelier to want to be beautiful to please someone else.

He comes in carrying an unconscious woman. Presea's attention to Hikaru early on, and Hikaru's practically drooling over Fuu for at first.

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Most of this is Character Development and further exploration of Cephiro, which many consider to be beneficial since it allows viewers to see the world that the girls have to save.