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Joo sang wook natural laugh very funny hahahaha Hania Rizki: Joo won is everything Esha Nautiyal: The four men of the latest variety show craze, "The Return of Superman" are gathered in one place to talk about their appearance on the show but mostly for Hwijae to spill some secrets about Jaeseok's past.

The full episode is fittingly in the Late Night Cafeteria as the dishes for today are some of the best we've ever seen!

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An episode full of laughter and joy as we listen in on some interesting stories about Hwijae and Jaeseok's friendship. Watch as they engage in humorous discussions of culture shock and how they all adjusted to life in Korea. Is this really a handsome guy special?

Who are friends with our 7 members? A day filled with games and hilarious laughs as each team battles for lunch money through a Friends Yes or No Quiz Is it cringe based?

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Are they serious in anything they say? Find out the claim to fame of these hot celebrities!

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And who will have to make their own way to the final destination?