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Andrea taunts the game, saying that it can't trick her, only to get crushed by a sign in the next round. Every attempt at beating an Obstacle eats money.

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We'll talk about success later. If you are having trouble upgrading the knock card, remember that you can upgrade knock with any other lore card of the same level, with the exception of mysterious lore cards The pink ones. When they attack, they have a chance to either drive their target mad, or eat them.

The higher the aspect, the more likely you are to beat an Obstacle and progress.

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Later, she seems to have completed the date and is then asked to "stick it in", Sydney refusing to do so, saying that it's the first date. Note that Mackenzie and Sydney are only seen from this point onwards.

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Be careful, some Obstacles will kill 1 of your followers if you fail. Its Mrs, by the desk was Mr.

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I add another Disciple with Edge. The game changes and the girls play a minigame where they have to make the hard decisions.

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I expect Fascination to pick up some more drawbacks in future builds.