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Hook up fireplace gcuf32c, choose a video to embed

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The steam cleaner works by quickly heating the water tank and focusing the steam through a small opening. Remove the water tank from the device.

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If you simply want to know how much gas you are using when lit, divide the Input rating on the tag by and that will tell how much NG you are using per hour in cubic feet. You open the yellow pages and find a licensed gas fitter to do it for you.

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Use the cloth attachment to clear away stains on other cloths, such as upholstery or rugs. To change it over you have to buy a whole new burner.

For home heating sake it is advisable to use a chimney balloon to plug the chimney when the gas log is not being used.

Not just the burning of fuel. Unscrew the cap of the water tank.

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Bestit be legal and done rite Hook up flue, if one is directed to on the installation instructions, some units require no flue. The nozzle of the steamer can be outfitted with a number of attachments for different types of cleaning. Watch the gas meter for 60 seconds and record the cubic foot usage, multiply the reading you get times 60 and that is your NG consumption for 1 hour.

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of.