How do I hook up the drain line on a shower in a finished basement? How do I hook up the drain line on a shower in a finished basement?

Hook up shower in basement, 1 suggested answer

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MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. The toilet and vanity function perfectly fine both run into the main stack witch happens to run through the corner of this bathroom.

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If you utilize PVC liner installation, you will have uneven slope between drain and walls. What could have been the purpose of this pipe and can it be removed?

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It is all cracked and doesn't appear to be in use. Some people like it off center.

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You normally locate the vent at the sink drain, but you can locate a vent at every fixture if you like. Helpful Reply We'd like to understand what you find wrong with Milo Dolezal's answer: Install a vent to the outside for the fan.

One piece fiberglass shower base with gelco glass finish Walls are fiberglass with gelco glass finish.

How to Hook Up a Basement Toilet

If so, and it has not been used in quite a while, the water in the "S" pipe could have evaporated, allowing odors from your septic system to come up through the pipes.

Here, you can also use any pan you can get since you will have the freedom of moving it to any location within your designated shower area. Connect the outside vent pipe to the sewage basin. Wondering what the problem is and how

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