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Times have changed, and therefore so have relationships.

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Take a deep breath, relax and re-center yourself. Every generation has new norms for relationships. The college-dating scene is seemingly disappearing and the middle ground between a serious relationship and a casual affair, dating, is gone.

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Women can now assert control and dominance over their own sex lives, a healthy alternative to feeling pressured and objectified in a bar on a Friday night.

More In a time when hooking up dominates campus life even though most are unhappy with it, students are looking for something different. The lack of emotional connection can often leave a person upset, confused, and unfulfilled.

Faith with Benefits is the result of the largest study of students at Catholic colleges and universities to see if these campuses offer any alternatives.

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Published by Oxford University Press. This allows them to act on their attractions without commitment themselves into something more. In doing so, King addresses the questions of students who don't know where to turn for practical guidance on how to navigate ever-shifting campus cultures, reconciling their faith with their relationships.

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Hooking up is a very casual act and there are many risks, for females in particular, that come along with it from the emotional risk to the physical risks, pregnancy. However, when it comes to picking a mate, boys are not as particular about the girl.

The problem here is not social media.

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With the lack of causal dating, the hookup culture continues to grow. Those campuses at the extremes of Catholic identity—those with very strong or marginal Catholic identity—have the lowest rates of hooking up, while those in the middle have the highest rates of hooking up.

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