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Hookup wire stranded vs solid cat6. Stranded vs. solid wire?

I'll order some solid, shielded cable then.

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On the other hand, stranded wires, such as extension cords, are usually connected to smaller appliances, such as lamps or toasters. Stranded Wire Conductors are preferred for: I'll be purchasing Cat6 shielded as recommended by Neet. Flexibility Stranded wire is very flexible, making it easy to bend and route through places that require current.

Solid cables also have a much more compact diameter compared to stranded cables.

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Stranded is for 'handling' or 'the monkey principle'. Which has the greater true area?


The chemicals are very, very nasty. Again, I assume stranded is slightly more flexible? Solid cables are often favoured because they are usually more affordable than stranded cables due to their cheaper production costs.

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If you plan to lay the wire once and forget it in a place where very little vibration occures, then solid is the way to go, the variance will not change over time as the wire oxidizes. This is mainly because solid wire is exposed to direct current, which sends an electric charge through the entire wall of the wire.

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