Stranded vs solid wire Stranded vs solid wire

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That said, internal cabling is a small part of the circuit voice, well behind topology and PSU in importance.

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Also, solid core wire is thicker than stranded wire. Dr Malcolm Hawkesford Essex University has written a good, but heavy in maths paper on cables, analysing them from first principles, and solid core is one of the recommendations drawn from it.

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However, the wire is matched to the breaker utilized in the circuit so oftentimes the use of 10 or 12 AWG wire must be used due to the appliance s being wired for.

Same with 'tinning' on small component type circuits. If stranded was better, engineers would have switched to it long ago.

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Which has the greater true area? The twisted wire has voids throughout its diameter where each strand touches other strands. Thermal stripping is so much better that it's like sex - you never go back to what you used to do before.

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Except that you can and do convert stranded to solid at each solder joint as the solder wicks into the wire.