How To Get Over A Breakup And Find Love Again | Thought Catalog How To Get Over A Breakup And Find Love Again | Thought Catalog

How to find love again. How to find the way to love again - how to find - life continues!

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It took me a long time to feel open to another relationship because I was stuck in the past, replaying the story of my former relationship over and over again in my mind. You may even want to do both if you want to make percent sure you remember the reasons why the relationship had to end.

Those fears of failure and rejection stopped me acting more often than not.

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A full resume of low-quality jobs followed — anything more seemed pointless and risky. Simply acknowledging what your mind is doing will help you be more conscious of its tricky ways.

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If you keep focused on doing work you love, spending time with people you love, and engaging in activities you love, you will be in a much better place to invite romance into your life.

Plus, I share practical tips on how to find love in your life — especially when you feel unlovable or unwanted.

What you focus on tends to show up in your life.

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Talking helps you cope too, so share your feelings with your friends or family whenever you can. Interpret events that happen to you through a new framework of love—not the old framework of heartbreak.

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Will I be able to trust someone again after what I went through? The more you screw up in life, the better you get at life! For now, just be thankful that once in your life, you were able to experience love and the happiness it has brought you.

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