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How to hook up computer to teradek bolt 600 pro, video of the day

Geffen sells a consumer-oriented unit for a few hundred bucks.

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Video of the Day credit: The Bolt hardware is noticeably bigger than the Arrow. If you're shooting outdoors, or in noisy situations, no one will hear the fan.

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The higher-end solutions from the likes of Boxx and Nebtek were big and expensive. When I'm setting up lights, one of the little hassles I endure is adjusting a light, and then running back to my 17" FSI monitor to see how it looks, and then running back to the light for more fine tuning.

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And even 56 minutes is handy when you need to strip your camera down to its lightest form for specialty shots, or when you're trying to quickly figure out shots with a director before rigging up your camera.

The Atomos doesn't have any common screw holes for mounting, but I was able to mount it with Velcro on the back of my Flanders monitor, and it stayed there all day long. Since artifacts might be hard to spot unless you're really looking for them, I would personally not use either of these units to record an HD signal to a field recorder, expecting that to be my camera master.

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The Atomos also gives you a test pattern generator, and you can mount multiple H2Ss on top of each other and power them from the same single attached battery.

Same goes for thousands of field monitors out there on sets today.

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This will be your main display, so set it directly in front of your computer chair.