Types of Channels of Distribution Types of Channels of Distribution

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Whose products are not subject to fashion changes and physical deterioration but are durable. Because of the importance of search engines, getting a good ranking or coming up early on the list for important keywords is vitally important.

In such a situation, then, trying to reach the customer directly may make sense, even if the direct costs of distribution are higher, because of the inventory value issue. A business can be squarely focused in just one area—e.

Sometimes, these businesses can be related in some way—for example, Pepsico used to own several restaurant fast food chains, and Microsoft, in addition to being in the software business, used to own Expedia, the online travel service. The purchasers of industrial goods directly contact the sellers and thus there does not arise the need of the agent.

Distribution Channel

Basically, it has been agreed upon that the wholesalers are responsible or inflating the prices of every items manufactured or produced.

Hence there is proper control of the activities. Indirect Channel Indirect channel are also called exclusive distribution channels. When your channel is up and running, you can start launching marketing campaigns to channel partners and end-users.

They are conventional distribution channels and vertical marketing system. K-Mart, in contrast, competes mostly laterally, facing Wal-Mart and Target.