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We have collected many different Nanaimo Bar recipes for you. A copy of the book is on view at the Nanaimo museum. Origins[ edit ] The earliest confirmed printed copy of the recipe using the name "Nanaimo bars" appears in the Edith Adams' prize cookbook 14th edition from The ingredients list, quantities, and fabrication closely match the recipe found on the City of Nanaimo's website.

The ever popular Nanaimo Bar, known internationally, and a favourite dessert in many restaurants, has a notable thermal significance. Melt semi-sweet chocolate along with butter in a heat proof bowl, set over a pot of simmering water. The first printing of recipes featuring Nanaimo bar ingredients is found in the Women's Auxiliary to the Nanaimo Hospital Cookbook, which features three nearly identical recipes that differ only slightly from the modern Nanaimo bar.

The Legendary Nanaimo Bar

Figures for Canada are unavailable, but it was only in that in America refrigerators had come down enough in price to start outselling iceboxes. Add in graham cracker crumbs, coconut, and pecans and toss until evenly coated.

However, even though walnuts were bested by almonds in this contest, they have remained firmly the nut of choice in the recipe today. In a burst of civic pride, she chose to dub the entry not "Daphne's Delights" or "Mary's Munchies", but "Nanaimo Bars".

The coal mines in Nanaimo had their heyday in the second half of the s, and this is when the workers immigrated over from England. Mint flavouring created a fresh variant.

Stir in powdered sugar and blend until mixture is smooth and creamy, about 1 minute mixture may seem dry at first but should start to come together. He recorded in how he got the idea: