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Though the band has stayed officially disbanded sincethey've played numerous reunions, all of which have sold out almost instantaneously. Recognize any of these big names? His albums have featured numerous American friends despite his career being exclusively based in Japan; he has also been featured at numerous major Japanese festivals, including two appearances at Loud Park.

This power metal revival in visual kei and the several dozen bands in the scene that have followed are due in large part to Versailles' explosion in popularity during the late s.

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Over the course of their career they've released nearly 30 studio albums and have collaborated with several other bands and musicians including Ian Astbury, Merzbow, and Sunn O to name a few.

With a sound every bit as oddball as their appearance, Doom thrived in Japan's underground metal scene for essentially their entire career, releasing 5 albums and a handful of EPs and splits before the tragic passing of bass mastermind Koh Morota in Great band that played around with Nu-Metal elements.

Famed for their extremely violent and unpredictable performances, they attained a fairly large cult following both in Japan and internationally among both metal and hardcore punk fans and are considered a highly influential band in both scenes.

Unlike other bands on this list, most of Wumpscut's music isn't necessarily what you'd expect to hear in a goth club night. Even today Loudness tour internationally constantly and get to perform international metal festivals still, whereas X Japan have only started playing their very first shows on U.

I go with that King Of The Hill show that, when confronted with a Christian rock band, laid it out straight with something like this: Formed in the s, these heavy metal lifers, after a few years of false starts, finally got to consistently make records in the s just in time to be too late.

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Even if you don't believe in any given conspiracy theory, the fact is that such topics have been infused into our culture so much that they are a normal part of the lexicon and appear frequently in TV, film and music, especially hip-hop and heavy metal.

At roughly the same time that the band featured in the legendary Grand Metal Festival inBlizard were signed by Warner Bros. This band also achieved large-scale success in Japan with their albums Vibe and Mountain Top both hitting the top 20 in weekly album sales.

It might have helped. A reclusive and incredibly private band, they opt to let their music speak for them.