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Keeping Out-of-Sight Employees in Mind

Or they might feel that a telecommuter is not working hard enough -- or never did enough to earn the right to work from home. In an article for Entrepreneur, Heather Page noted that companies should create a written policy to cover telecommuting.

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Employees who have to stay in the office might feel hostility toward those who are able to work from home. Some fear that if they telecommute, they will not make progress in their organizations.

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Telecommuters at home used machines linked to large computers at their jobs. For parents, that can mean fewer worries about children home alone. And he wants those that already do to increase their number of telecommuters or lose millions of dollars.

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Some Americans start their workday fifteen minutes after they wake up. In recent years, many companies have moved customer service operations out of a central office.

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But these one-time costs are likely to be much smaller than the potential annual savings. That was up from about seventy-three thousand in April of two thousand one. And what happens if there is a crisis that suddenly requires more people than are in the office to deal with it?

Ideally, telecommuters and managers should discuss their expectations for their new working relationship and figure out exactly how the arrangement will work before a telecommuting program is implemented.

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