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The car features classic wire wheels by default, with a triple blade spindle knock on the wheel nut, all finished in chrome. On the underside of the front fascia are three other intake grilles using honeycomb-style mesh, with chrome lining finishing them.

On the roof are two faint lines highlighting the points at which the entire roof can be ejected from the vehicle. The front of the intake is chrome plated. Side indicators are located directly underneath the headlamps. In the rear quarter is a distinctive chrome bumper that curves around the entire rear, reaching almost as far as the rear wheels.

GTA V: JB 700 Decommissioned

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Its name, JBis a direct reference to James Bond his initials and is the number rearranged. The rear features a large curve outlining the rear of the greenhouse which is met even before the hinged end of the boot - a portion of the boot is part of the rear greenhouse bodywork. The exhaust tips are finished in chrome.

In the front fascia, a classic full-chrome bumper is mounted, with two overrides used as decorations mounted along the bumper, besides the large ovular grille. Just try and you feel that dating is great at any age and in any part of the globe.