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Early life[ edit ] Nathan said that as a kid, he was influenced to learn music by the fact that "all [his] friends were making music.

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And I am heavily invested in this idea. Origami Paper Moon King also appears to allow Tsurugi to impart actual qualities of the object depicted in the origami into the creation. What he proposes is narrative as an alternative-- to philosophy, to religion, an alternative to basically all moral or philosophical constructs.

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He used the piano in a different way. The motivation is not the pleasure of doing but the satisfaction of finishing.

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I focus a lot on, instead of trying to explain mystical experience, to try to create a context and a vocabulary that maybe gets at it slightly more. It is typically folded to be shaped like a frog.

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Javer's Genneheigen's Chameleon World. And I feel that way with music as well.

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Tsurugi doesn't seek fights and prefers to rely on the power of his origami to disorient people instead of harming them personally. Tsurugi is also allowed to fold hard objects to the shape of an origami the only example shown to this day is Yasuho's cellphone.

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I wanted to investigate that freaky idea. But having a body is sooo annoying.

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For instance, Tsurugi can shape an origami cicada that can fly or origami frogs that can hop and move on their own.