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It ALSO glows in the dark! Glow Stick is from the Neon Collection. This photo shows three coats of Orange Pop alone. You can also keep up with KBShimmer on Facebook. The main difference is where Radioactive has squares, Shattered Heart has hearts.

This one also glows well with a normal amount of "light charging.

Welcome to KBShimmer®!

It's a neon green polish with various large black glitter shapes and shards. The products in this post were provided to me for review. There are a lot of hearts in it, and they came out easily. The glitter density in this one was good and applied evenly on its own. This is one of my favorite KBShimmers I've tried.

First we have Bejeweled. I used three coats for the swatch you see here. It starts with a beautiful shimmering purple base, and adds blue, silver, and black glitter.

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Which ones do you guys like? It's a sister to Radioactive without the glow in that they are both neon bases with various black glitters in them. The shade of green is great, and I enjoy the square glitters a lot.

Ice Queen looks best over darker colors, in my opinion.