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Ask them what they want to do or where they want to go, discuss it and enjoy together.

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Whether you choose to go speed dating, use online dating, join a Meet Up or similar club, or simply go the traditional route and trust to Lady Luck, the whole thing is that you should have fun.

And while in London, I soon figured at parties it was always the Kiwis and the Aussies, to be fair who were over-indulging big time, both with booze and drugs.

Top Five Cultural Dates in London

It costs nothing to join up and have a look at your fellow expat singletons… here is a full review of Antipodate. But I gained a whole new appreciation and understanding of my people. This applied both for men and women.

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Show off your sensitive side as you coo over the cute animals at a city farm. Climb the steps up to the top of the Monument and take in spectacular views of London.

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This make them thousand times more attractive than any other men.

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The Southbank caters to a wide spectrum of interests, housing music events, visual art exhibitions, theatre shows, and literature events, so there will definitely be something there to interest both you and your date.

The Cup is heading back to Auckland. Try online dating for elite singlesEliteSingles: The Flight of the Conchords radio show was set in London and the TV series was supposed to be too, but reportedly the Americans were a little more assertive than us in signing the comedy duo up to HBO and so they went to New York instead.

I moved to London in Januaryaged 25, after living in the United States for a year.