A guide to Knee Replacement Cost in India A guide to Knee Replacement Cost in India

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Unicompartmental or partial knee replacement PKR: You are likely to experience pain for the initial few weeks. These generally include an ECG, blood tests, and a chest X-ray.

Knee Replacement in India

The following table indicates the cost of total knee surgery in India bilateral and some of the most popular medical tourism destinations: Partial knee replacement, or uni compartmental knee replacement, is the choice if only one part or compartment of your knee is severely damaged and requires replacement rather than the entire joint.

Routine tests in the form of blood or urine tests need to be conducted finally the total outcome of the total knee replacement will not yield the desired results if the weight of the person is more than pounds. During your stay you will be made to do certain leg exercises that will help improve flow of blood in the leg.

If you are overweight, try to reduce your weight as it will decrease the stress on your new knee and help it heal quicker. The Glenoid Component The socket of the joint, which is part of the scapula, is replaced by the glenoid component.

Well in my process the patient can stand on the same day of the surgery and walk on the other second day itself. It has a specialized department for orthopedics and other joint surgeries. This type of surgery allows for minimal healing time, quick knee replacement recovery time, and fewer complications.

During the operation, nerves and blood vessels around the area might be damaged and this could lead to numbness and weakness at the knee area.

This is despite the fact that the orthopaedic hospitals in the country make use of the best quality implants and avail all types of rehabilitation facilities for speedy recovery of the patient who have had replacement of both the knees.