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Each page represents one of the 20 trecena or day periodsin the tonalpohualli or day year. This section is unfinished. The codex is named after the Palais Bourbon in France. Most of the page is taken up with a painting of the ruling deity or deities, with the remainder taken up with the 13 day-signs of the trecena and 13 other glyphs and deities.

There is dispute as to whether the Codex Borbonicus is pre-Columbian, as the calendar pictures all contain room above them for Spanish descriptions. With these 26 symbols, the priests were able to create horoscopes and divine the future.

Although there were originally 40 accordion-folded pages, the first two and the last two pages are missing. We cater to small and large groups and events such as, bachelor parties, corporate gatherings, and family reunions.

Codex Borbonicus can be divided into three sections: Beginner surf lessons will provide you with a sound foundation and skills that will last you a lifetime. We offer year-round professional surf instruction, in both private and group settings.

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It was originally pictorial and logographic as was usual for pre-Columbian Aztec codicies, although some Spanish descriptions have been added. The third section is focused on rituals and ceremonies, particularly those that end the year cycle, when the " new fire " must be lit.

The first section is one of the most intricate surviving divinatory calendars or tonalamatl. Our intermediate surf lessons introduce special progressive learning techniques so you can improve your style and techniques in the water. The second section of the codex documents the Mesoamerican year cycle, showing in order the dates of the first days of each of these 52 solar years.

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