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Skin is the largest organ and is, of course, influenced by its surroundings. We believe that by wearing these garments, you can help restore balance within your body and strengthen the immune system.

What design elements did you use in this range? How does the ideology of Ayurvedic clothing go beyond this? How are the Ayurganic clothes made? The cloth is sent back to our factory where we make it into clothing. Hemant Sagar speaks to Rebecca Dawes Q.

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We send our material out to a village in Kerela, where they process the cloth-it is put into special mixtures of herbal oil, which is absorbed by the cotton, this then becomes an active part of the garment.

Immunity Booster enhances the immunity of the human body, and with continuous use, it can help resist illnesses by forming antibodies and building a balance within, and Well Being helps purify the blood and energise the body thanks to the active herbs that penetrate the skin.

Price are 3, onwards. We came across it on a research trip: We use only organic thread, all labels are stamped with organic colour, the boxes in which our range is sold are made from organic pulp, and even the plastic around the box is percent recyclable.

With your own fashion house and a heritage in haute couture, what inspired you to create the ready-to-wear Ayurganic range? We were entirely inspired by India. The qualities of the herbs-impregnated clothing are absorbed by the skin. The fabric has been permeated with a mix of special herbs and oils, making it free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants.