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Lizzy the Lezzy

A small crowd gathered around as she was beat bloody. Peter the Pansexual is my twin brother and I love him to bits! She even has a fucking fedora on. They sent her to psychiatrists and when that failed to the church where she sat in the pews, hundreds of devout people who had known her for life praying to God for her to be saved from sin.

It looks insulting to me! I am obsessed with conspiracy theories and love reading about the crazy shit that goes on in the world. The descriptions of the various personas can be found here: Its appropriating the identities, its being a terrible ally shes not an allyits perpetuating horrid terrible stereotypes….

It actually makes lesbians look bad too. Due to her fucking videos getting large amounts of attention, her low quality shit was somehow worthy of being on network cable television. The fag enabling channel LoGo acquired 10 episodes of her series to show about a year later.

This boosted her into popularity with the faggot community as they finally saw a shining light of hope in their own self pity they created themselves in the form of an unfunny lesbian with no artistic or comedic talents whatsoever.

Others soon began to notice and react against that page: