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To wind a chain-driven longcase clock, one pulls on the end of each chainlifting the weights until the weights come up to just under the clock's face. Eight-day clocks are often driven by two weights — one driving the pendulum and the other the striking mechanismwhich usually consisted of a bell or chimes.

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However, once the seconds pendulum began to be used, this long weight case proved perfect to house it as well. Others, however, are chain-driven, meaning that the weights are suspended by chains that wrap around gears in the clock's mechanism, with the other end of the chain hanging down next to the weight.

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Long-case clock

We dont have to know another had fueled starkly erotic encounters. Most longcase clocks are cable-driven, meaning that the weights are suspended by cables. Origin of the term "grandfather clock"[ edit ] Longcase clock circa by Timothy Mason clockmaker of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

It reached its height of popularity in the 's and 40's and was used in a wide variety of consumer products.

Case and movement features — gold electroplating was introduced in and became popular within a few years. Is there an assignation.

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At the top of each hour, the full chime sequence sounds, immediately followed by the hour strike. The actual movement may have been made by someone else.

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