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It might sound dumb complaining about logic in a movie that has werewolves, but there's no way pistol could blow up two cars that are in perfect condition without any flammable object around them.

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These jokes are either hit or miss. The costumes look more on the lines of sandsquatch than werewolves. The werewolves are killed too easily.

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Further adding to his dismay is the sudden appearance of Mario Secun de la Rosahis shady publisher on the run from the law. As the confrontation escalates, the sun sets and the second curse takes effect, transforming all the villagers into werewolves - except for Calisto whom despite being a local, was actually born outside of the village.

The actors did well when it came to comedy.

Free Online Dating in Câmara de Lobos

It's mostly of limited budget though the effort is their and the director does make good use of them for some humorous jokes. Lobos de Arga Games of Werewolves does not know what kind of film it wants to be all the times, but when its focus it passes as decent entertainment.

The group wanders out at sundown to escape the village by foot, but are caught by Evaristo and his mob.

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Out of all the Spanish movies I've seen this is the least impressive one I've seen yet. The film is confused on what it wants to be and so will the audience on how to react to something. It might not look convincing, but at least your mind won't remind you it's a CG effect.

Upon reaching the age of ten, her son becomes a werewolf. Switching between two genre creates an inconsistent tone. The church's explosion and Luis' lack of radio response has attracted the police's attention, and rescue teams arrive at daybreak to find the mass of dead werewolves.

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The practical effects are a nice touch for the transformations. When it becomes a horror is where the actors don't do well. The actors do what they can with the material given to them.

The plot in general is okay moving nicely never dragging a certain scene and do go into detail about the curse.