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After 20 years of life here, I'm constantly amazed at the subtly and power of Brazilian machiavellian manipulation of emotion. Doesn't take a genius to work that out. Finally, it's obvious that you enjoy this sort of thing, and you are paying to enjoy it. This isn't the style of women who are secretly admitting to violating a taboo.

I quite enjoy it if I manage to 'give' a GDP an orgasm occasionally - even more so if I believe it was a real one someone on this thread spouted some stuff from Wiki which Macu pointed out is near to rubbish - the correct non-fake-able signs of orgasm are delinieated in Masters and Johnson's volume, Human Sexual response.

It means there's a nice set emotional pattern to emulate.

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But if she has an orgasm while I'm down on her, or in her, I treat it as Macu described - I am a minor detail - in her mind it is her that has 'achieved' an orgasm - I am no more significant to her in that respect than a salt cellar at a good meal.

It chimes perfectly with the non-Brasilian descriptions of women I've dated who have been GDPs at an earlier period of their life. Apart from the obvious that Macu mentions - it fulfils the male fantasy there are some other reasons why a woman will encourage a man to go down on her.

It doesn't take a good actress to fake one as they are so internal and subjective. This means that you're about as far away from an objective observor as possible: Well, with rergards to a woman's orgasm, again, all I have to say is this Secondly, when you go down on a pro, you are giving her a very, very clear sign of what YOU want.

The line that caught my attention was, "Now, as I said before, I HAVE seen pros ocasionally claim that they cum with a client, but this is doen in a very off-handed and sort of "who'd-a-thunkit" kind of way. In any case, I feel - and I think most long-term residents of this country will agree with this - that there's NO WAY to conclusively tell what someone really thinks about you here and if the claim to love you after an hour - or even a week, for that matter - watch the fuck out.

In fact, I suspect only the really poor actresses will go into hystrionics: