Top 10 Candidates for a Live-Action CAPTAIN MARVEL-Carol Danvers Updated Top 10 Candidates for a Live-Action CAPTAIN MARVEL-Carol Danvers Updated

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Wasikowska did not become a ballet dancer, but when she was 15, she was offered to play in a movie.

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The parents are yet to reveal thier child's identity. This detail of the work helped the actress develop her imagination.

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Though her major action roles in Hunger Games and in the revitalized X-Men franchise have generally been more stoic, or at least more serious, Lawrence has the chops to pull off a somewhat cocky, often overly-confident character like Carol Danvers.

Seeing Blunt in the role of Carol Danvers may be closer to reality than anyone realizes.

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These may not be Mia Wasikowska naked pics, or pictures of Mia Wasikowska topless, but these are some of the hottest pics you can find on the net even though they aren't Mia Wasikowska nude photos.

Mia an Australian actress, living in Sydney and only comes to the US for the projects due to which the relationship got short lived. The girl started working with her personal manager.


In the would-be actress family, there are also an elder sister and a younger brother. Theron is a proven leading actress and has the look down pat. Jesse who lives in America, when asked about relationship advice in an interview answered that he had only one serious relationship in his lifetime and he is not an ideal guy to give advice on relationship issue, he also added; I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting, he said at the time.

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Now let's talk about this Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska. As much as she is loved in the fan community, she's not a box-office draw.

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They had many ups and downs in their relationship despite the eve and flow kind of relationship the loved duo is finally together. First and foremost, Marvel hasn't asked.

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' Filming with Anna Torv!

Wasikowska is yet another star on the rise - she's proven she can anchor a franchise, and has showed remarkable range in her career.

In the ensuing years, Larson has made a growing name for herself as a dramatic actress, even earning an Academy Award for her role in last year's Room.

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She also has some experience in comic book films, having played Alicia Masters in the ill-fated Fantastic Four films. Only the hottest Mia Wasikowska Instagram pictures made the cut!