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Good offers are provided on bigger packages as compared to the smaller ones, so consider buying them. Legendary series character Goro has also been announced as a retail pre-order exclusive. While no new characters were announced at PAX, hints at the game's story were confirmed.

Souls are the premium in-game currency, which can be used to unlock special playable characters and all those items that cannot be bought with Koins.

Mortal Kombat X hits April 14, The special currency of the game is Souls and you can now generate infinite amount of Souls with the help of our tool. If your Faction is one of the Top Factions at the end of the Faction Wars event, then you will be awarded a decent amount of Souls. The major factor which determines the number of Koins that will be awarded is the outcome of the battle.

Mortal Kombat X [past-gen version]

The easiest method to earn a decent amount of Souls is by using Mortal Kombat X Hack or completing daily quests and managing a higher position at Faction Wars. Once you stack up enough Alliance Points, you can use them to purchase Alliance Pack, which consists of bundle packs of playable characters and their gear.

So, you are not going to get banned in any way. Mortal Kombat X is an action-packed fighting game, which is developed by Warner Bros.

All you need to do is start playing the game with our tool. No need to fill in forms or share your email ids, as it is an online tool.

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You can earn Koins by playing battles. All of them can be generated with Mortal Kombat X Hackbut here is also a comprehensive guide on all of them: