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It's just the opening act in building a mother-baby bond. Who feeds the baby? You can play out a concert with nothing but wooden spoons as microphones and broom sticks as guitars.

We are designed to be smitten with our babies. Your baby needs you as much as it needs the mother so make sure you are up for any challenge Seek help: Also, you can try club biking with them and teach them all they need to know about biking as a team and taking safety precautions while on the road.

There is no set formula for connecting with your children.

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Who rocks the baby to sleep? With music, multi-sensory learning and soft play, each session is supported by specialists to make sure that your babies get the best care. Classes are limited to six mother-baby pairs at a time.

Best of all, even when I am not with them, hopefully they will think of me every time they watch a cooking show and smile at the memories.

However, may we remind you that this is the 21st century!

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Set aside a whole afternoon or weekend, if you can to help her be less stressed. That being said, some fathers are just shy at the beginning — leave the baby with them and you find both of them grinning after some time. Now is your chance to prove them wrong, daddy!

Reactions to sounds and the way a child responds when held, tickled and talked to help you learn ways to soothe and entertain them.