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He asked the Kharijites to come for help, they refused because of the arbitration in the Battle of Siffin. Once he attended a luxurious dinner given by a rich man of Basra.

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SermonAli advices people to spend their wealth in good causes. The book narrates from Ali on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the creation of the World, the creation of Adamthe end of the Universe, and the arrival of Imam al- Mahdi.

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Sermon 24, While Ali was delivering a speech in the mosque of Kufa, Ash'ath ibn Qays who was the chief of Muawiya's army at the Battle of Siffin intervened saying that such a speech was harmful to Ali. Ali's forces re-captured the river and allowed Muawiya's army to use as much water as they'd like.

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Because of this Ziyad became a staunch ally of Muawiyah I. Sermon 54, Ali explains the theory of accepting the existence of God.

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The following is an incomplete list of summaries on each sermon in the collection. Next morning he received a mortal wound during the morning prayers.

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When he found out that Talhah, Az Zubayr and Aisha were preparing for the Battle of Bassorah, he decided to act wisely and be friendly to both parties, he started saying, "Though Ali was the lawful Caliph of Muslims, yet it was not correct for him to fight against other Muslims".

He did not create the skies, the earth and all that is in between them in vain.

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This sermon was for these people. In it Ali tells Muawiyah I to pay his oath of allegiance to him.

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He was known as "His Father's son" a nickname given to him by Aisha. By Allah I never delayed war even for a day but with the hope that some rebels might come back to me and through to me they might be guided towards religion …" Sermon 61, as mentioned in the previous sermon, Ali was trying to delay the war, some people started complaining, saying that they could wait no longer.

Sermon 77, is delivered after Uthman Ibn Affan became caliph.