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Was it the DarkRuby one or was there something before it? Now we make online dating fun and free just the way you envisioned it. That's why I made it look much bigger than we're used to.

What made you get started with this old-school trailer making business? Do you just listen to thousands upon thousands of lines and then have the "right" one basically pick you or do you write something in advance and then look for the perfect fit?

All of the voice lines from your trailers are from actual game characters themselves, how far back do you go to get them and how log and involved of a process is it? It took a bit longer to create it since I had to put together this random village that's not even in the game.

It's only logical that there should be some measurable progress when it comes to my videos. The Naxxramas trailer really blew a lot of people away, and despite how great your previous work especially the T5 video was, this most recent video was far above it.

My limit was about a month or two. Joining Latino Dating is so easy and free. This poster was supposed to announce the Naxx trailer, but in the end he went with a teaser video instead.

And from the BC video, the warp-in effect for Tempest Keep and then at the very end, the explosion in BT, which we actually never get to see in the game itself. How long does it usually take you for one of these videos, including the concepting stage and then the actual video work?