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Parship said its security systems are constantly scanning for fake profiles, but added that in this case "communication was switched very quickly to outside the protected Parship platform, so the blocking facilities did not manage to prevent further contact with the scammer".

The two began exchanging messages from morning till night. They had an answer for everything. I didn't think anything of it. Both figures then rose the following year to their record highs. In some ways I'm not sure I'll ever recover from that. Bayrem artista safa jdidating18666 got a so-called receipt for the money I took as a management fee.

He said that he too was a Christian, and his profile emphasised honesty and trust. After about six weeks, Marcelo said he had been mugged in Turkey and was unable to pay his workers before returning to the UK, when he and Nancy were due to meet.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption Police believe "Marcelo's" profile photograph was stolen from an innocent man's social media account The number of people defrauded in the UK by online dating scams reached a record high inthe Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned.

He asked her to go and release it, and she agreed. Nancy - not her real name - is 47, and a single mother from North Yorkshire, who runs her own business. Action Fraud, the UK's cyber-crime reporting centre, says it receives more than reports of such scams a month. Inafter her marriage broke down, she signed up to dating site Match.

He also said his son was in hospital and needed surgery. They're in West Africa, Eastern Europe and it's very difficult for British law enforcement to take action against them in those jurisdictions.

They use email to send poetry, they use instant messenger to groom them, to talk to them, to keep them awake at night. But he contacted Ms Lathlean from what he said was a business trip in South Africa, claiming he had lost his passport and saying he would lose a contract as a result.

She matched with a man calling himself John Porter from London, who said he was an interior designer. After a few days she made contact with someone calling himself Marcelo from Manchester, an attractive Italian who was working in Turkey, with whom she had "a rapport and similar values".