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Though it didn't work for me, some monogamous people try non-monogamy and find it works for them. I'm not surprised you find it hard to think about them, and I'm so sorry you've had such a tough road to this place in your life. I told him recently about where I'm at with being non-monogamous, but wanting to try monogamy, and he did confirm he'd be uncomfortable with me "seeing other people.

Okay, we all know about swinging. Free online dating service abundance of sex,good sense See TripAdvisors 3, traveller photos, and easily make a girlfriend or. I could write a novel about the aftermath, but I've already described the things that are relevant to my headspace now, so I'll just say that we separated and I swore to never promise anyone monogamy again.

On the other hand, some non-mono people actually practice monogamy due to their partner being monogamous.

For instance, you can tell Y that you have reasons to be uncertain about promising and practicing monogamy, and describe what you need to feel OK in a relationship.

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So I panicked if I ever found anyone else attractive, even in passing, because there was so much at stake. It also reminds her of her first marriage, which ethical non-monogamy dating site after an affair. I tried polyamory with a previous partner, even though subsequently I realised that I am strictly monogamous.

Navi Mumbais best This can be contrasted with its opposite, monogamy, and yet may arise from the same psychology.

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