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The control valves, drives and solenoid valves are operated from the DCS. Special techniques have been employed taking into consideration various requirements of calibration principles, limitations of water medium, frequency range of operation and type of parameter to be measured.

High power measurements on projectors are done inside a pressurized Fibre Reinforced Plastic vessel, which is deployed into the tank on specific needs. The fluid dynamics resulting from the controlled experiments inside the wave tank can be photographed through a perspex window on the side of the tank.

Experimental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory: It is situated at Naval Base, Kochi. Internal surface honed in single direction without any step Tube 1: It can be used for evaluation of underwater acoustic properties like, reflection, absorption, transmission etc.

Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory

A pulse tube also known as impedance tube is used for evaluation of passive acoustic materials. Individual sequences and programming are implemented in the DCS for achieving the required simulated conditions inside the chambers.

This facility is for digital calibration of underwater acoustic transducers used in sonar systems and other under-water applications such as ocean bottom profiling, underwater telephony, fish finders etc.

Devices weighing up to kg can be tested in this system over a wide frequency bandwidth. All process variables are monitored and controlled from the control room using it.

Directivity pattern measurements can be made up to a resolution of 0. A computer controlled mechanized trolley capable of taking payloads up to kg enables scientists to conduct controlled experiments. Some of the typical studies taken up in this laboratory are: