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Other communities such as Luo, Luhyia, Kamba and Kisii are also residents especially in the urban centres. Kajiado County Jobs and Tenders There are a number of challenges including luck of good road network, and adequate distribution of electricity and water.

The western side of the park is accessible from Naivasha, about 87km from Nairobi. There has been no University in Nyandarua, until Nyandarua Institute was upgraded to a university college under Egerton University.

Kisii County Jobs and Tenders Religion and Traditional Culture Majority of people living in Nyandarua County are Christians, with a small number of Muslims being present in major towns. Secondary Schools in Kenya Investments Challenges Nyandarua County is a productive area for agriculture, manufacturing and processing.

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Education There are primary schools and high schools servingpupils and 25, students respectively. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the office of the Head of Supply Chain Management Services, of the respective Mentoring Institutions.

Nyandarua County has a huge agricultural potential due to the adjacent Aberdare ranges, a rich water tower that supplies the County Rivers throughout the year. Isiolo County Jobs and Tenders The lake is a popular destination among lovers of birdlife.

Nyandarua county was a leading producer of pyrethrum in the s, but production of the crop has since gone down due to poor management of the affairs of the sub-sector. Wed, Aug 12th Farmers in the county engage in dairy farming, sheep keeping, beef production as well as poultry rearing.

Small-scale farmers are yet to make entry into the sub-sector due to the high costs associated with floriculture. The county is located on the northwestern part of the old Central Province, and contains of the Aberdare Ranges.