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Panasonic surround sound hookup to tv, add your answer

If you have an older monitor without these ports, you'll need an adaptor. Set up the speakers in the room for surround sound. Items you will need Surround sound receiver and speakers Speaker wire. Tip If the tuner box doesn't have audio output ports, connect only the video yellow plug to the box's input.

How to Connect a VCR Player to a Computer Monitor

Others may have outputs labeled "AUX. This should be a set of red and white RCA ports on the same side as the video output port.

For example, connect the front left speaker to the terminals labeled for the front left audio channel on the receiver.

Many amplifiers have a "TV" input. Purchase a TV tuner box from any computer or electronics store. These are usually located at the back of the television, but they are sometimes be located on one side.

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Thus, it is able to receive video signals from a VCR if it is connected with the right cables. Insert a video cassette into the VCR and play it. Connect a cable to the television Plug one end of a cable into the corresponding output connection on the television set.

Connect the subwoofer to the Sub OUT jack on the receiver with a subwoofer cable. Plug in the VCR, monitor and speakers.

Connect the headphone end to the headphone jack on the television.

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Press the "Input" button on the TV repeatedly until the signal from the cable or satellite box appears on the screen. Surround sound audio systems are usually easy to hook up.

You will only need an RCA audio cable for this connection, which doesn't have the third yellow plug. Check the connections on the television Different televisions have different kinds of connections.