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I First, my lead trainer Brian Burke, who dug deep into about books on the topic of psychology, specifically evolutionary psychology, female psychology and sexual psychology.

The system doesn't capture the extremes involved, although the guidelines are still relevant.

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Understanding this stuff will bring a newfound love and appreciation to women and put you light years ahead of any other guy she might be talking to.

But subconsciously she is looking for cues and triggers and she is not getting them even from the type of guys she consciously wants.

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For any personality based system to be effective in establishing long term relationships not one night stands you have to take into account the personality of the man who is approaching in addition to the personality of the woman who is being approached. For those that have, you may find yourself, like me, reading quickly through all these chapters, scanning the pages for something interesting - which doesn't happen very often.

If you are advanced it will help you think more strategically about your game, and change your behavior to fit each women as they are different. At least, you can tailor your initial impression to be more in line with them, and then once you grow the relationship over time and they become more invested in you, the other parts of your personality are accommodated by her, whereas they may have been dismissed if you led with them in a crowded bar on a Friday night… The Pandoras Box System in an Analogy: So for those at an advanced level, this will get you started on thinking on a new level and have the potential to help take your game to a higher level.

It has a lot of potential for those who are experienced.

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The pieces in this product as it stands alone are: In practice, this was made super simple so that it really doesn't help. The Make Women Want You book is the best book covering this topic to give you the basics.

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It is a technology of how to meet and relate to women and a way of developing an unlimited amount of your own strategies of how to meet and relate to women.

Complexity is often not better - or necessary.