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Also it is very common to say Dio caro typically used in Lazio and Umbriameaning "dear God" or Dio bono with bono being a contraction of buono, that means "good" or Dio bonino same meaning, typically used in Tuscany or Dio bonazzo same meaning used in Castelfranco Veneto instead of Dio boia where boia means "executioner".

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This will increase your profile's ranking and consequently generate impressive results for you. Maremma maiala, using Maremma instead of Madonna Maremma is a seaside zone of Tuscany and maiala means " sow ".

Some local administrations still ban the practice. Please checkout our terms of use for a full list.

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What makes for a safe and successful NZ date? This tirade could be translated like this: The idiom is widely used in Tuscany, [54] whose origin is attributed to the swamps of Maremma that used to cause malaria and other diseases to the Tuscan population.

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