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Patito feo

Soccer is his passion. This makes Patito get revenge by kissing Lucas in front of him, a boy who has been crushing on her for a long time.

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Soon after "Carmen" and "Patito" travel to Buenos Aires for medical exams. Due to Fancisca and Bruno have had a relationship in the past passes off her daughter Barbara as his.

However, this sitution gets difficult by Blanca, Leandros girlfriend who wants to marry him only for interest.

She spends most of the time miserable because she cant be with her friends or family.

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The show is mainly broadcast on Canal 13 but it is also seen in Disney Channel http: But deep down, she is insecure and her only obgective is to please Antonella, although Antonella criticizes her behind her back.

Matias is staying there for vacation, but very soon he must go back to his hometown in Buenos Aires. Matias, however, starts dating Luciana in secret, but soon the whole school finds out.

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Neither Patito nor Leandro know this. Patito, however, is completely miserable by the fact that she is in Antonellas body.

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Caterina and Pia are her sidekicks in her group Las Divinas. She makes a bodyswitch potion and when Antonella and Patito wake up, they soon find out they are not in their bodies.

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She is good at playing hockey.